How to Include Music Education in Your Homeschool!

10 FREE Tips Every Homeschooling Parent Can Use, Regardless of Their Musical Background.

  • Discover 10 tips and links to add music education to your child's life.
  • Add meaningful musical experiences even if you're not a music teacher.
  • Gain insight into grade-level concepts to know what your child should be learning.

Get your child on a great musical track, even if you don’t feel qualified to teach music! Explore grade level concepts to know what to teach if you do have a music background.

Top 10 Ways to Include Music in Your Homeschool

Did you know that growing up in a musical environment can enhance children’s language development and that it can be done either at home or in a more formal music education setting?

Did you know that a study showed 6-year-olds who took weekly music lessons gained 3 points on their IQ tests at the end of the year?


  • 10 easy tips to add music to your curriculum
  • Links to help you find other resources
  • Concepts listed by grade level - Kindergarten through 3rd grade

Hey there, I’m Linda Davis!

Like many teachers, when COVID hit, I had to be creative in bringing content to my virtual students at my school. I videoed my lessons, uploaded them to Youtube, and then showed them to my students. It was a game-changer! These videos were so impactful, I started using them with my in-person students.

Meanwhile, homeschooling families found my videos and clamored for more. They witnessed the immense dedication I put into creating these video lessons, combining my years of experience, education, and training, resulting in an unparalleled online music education that cannot be found anywhere else!

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